Aside from my own exhibition work, I spend a lot of time creating custom pieces for clients. I take great pride in developing ideas with my clients to ensure that the finished work exceeds expectations, and is preserved to the highest standard. 

If you are interested in commissioning work of a particular style, form, or function, please contact me with details of what you are looking to create, and wherever possible include reference photos and inspiration. 

I also provide a wide range of pet memorial preservation services to immortalise the remains of loved ones. If you have recently had a pet pass away, and are wanting to preserve and treasure any part of them, please feel free to contact me. The services that I can offer include but are not limited to: full skeletal articulation, wet preservation, diaphonisation, bone cleaning and preservation, 'memento mori' jewellery pieces, crystallisation, etc. 

With all of my custom services, it is important that communication throughout the design phase be as extensive as necessary to ensure that I can provide the standard of work that I strive for. The processes that I use in cleaning and preservation can take quite a lot of time, and it does vary depending on season and workload. As much as is possible I will give you a rough estimate of time factors, and if this changes at all at any stage I will keep in touch. 

Pricing is entirely based on quotation, once we have agreed upon the type of work desired. This will vary depending on the services requested. 

Once we have agreed on design and quotation, and a rough time frame is in place, I require a minimum 10% deposit before starting the work. If necessary I am more than happy to arrange a payment plan, on a basis catered to suit your needs. 


If you have any custom, commission, or memorial work enquiries, please contact me via email or through the CONTACT page.