Forbidden (?) Gummies


Forbidden (?) Gummies

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Well this was inevitable! I’d been considering trying this out for a long time but finally bit the bullet and did it. Edible diaphonised tentacles. (No longer) forbidden gummies in 7 different flavours!

-Blue Raspberry
-Blueberry Jam
-Cotton Candy
-Strawberries and Cream
-Sour Apple

Also, I have added mixed bags of 3 or 5 - All will be different flavours :)

In order to make these I had to dramatically change the standard protocol of diaphonisation, and change up a lot of the chemicals I use in favour of food safe alternatives. This wasn’t super easy, and wound up being a LOT more expensive to produce than the regular ones. Specifically, having to use food safe 95% ethanol was what made this so tough. In Australia this is a highly regulated product and is wildly expensive. To produce these little guys I used about $350 worth of ethanol. Ouch. But most of the other chemicals were able to be substituted for food grade ones a bit easier. They are stored in food grade glycerine and flavoured using food flavoring. The glycerine is the only preservative agent in these, and they do not contain the standard anti-bacterial/anti-fungal preservative thymol like the rest of my specimens. For this reason I would expect that their shelf life would be considerably less than their non-food grade counterparts.

The ONE THING I used that isn’t food safe is the alcian blue stain that gives these guys their colour. I will attach a link below to the alcian blue MSDS sheet so you can make up your own mind about it. From as far as I can tell its effects to the human body upon ingestion are currently not known.
In saying this, the actual amount of the chemical present is very very low. In a 300ml stain solution I used 0.03g (30mg) of the dye, which stained 64 individual tentacles. Ignoring the fact that I have actually trimmed down parts of the octopus, and the staining solution was still clearly blue after the tentacles were removed, the absolute maximum amount of the dye in each tentacle would be 0.468mg. In reality I would expect it to be just above half this amount.

Please read the MSDS below for more information about alcian blue.

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